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Many of you have expressed interest in contributing to a New Bra Fund.
Below is a link to Paypal if you would like to contribute.
The Contribution amounts are from $5.00 to $300 dollars.
Thank you for thinking of this!
New Bra Fund
If you would like to have an Item featured on "Bra Talk"; Follow this link and purchase your Bra, then:

  1. Mail a new item - (no "used" items will be considered) Bra size 34E European Size; or 34DD.
  2. Include any features and benefits you may have to offer about the bra within the contents of the box. I will attempt to include this in my investigation and presentation of the merchandise.
  3. No items will be returned except for: $100 signature fee + Shipping

Mailing address:
Dokta Laura
Management Center
5625 Cypress Creek Parkway Ste 321
Houston, Texas 77069

...Dokta Laura

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